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A plumber is an industry professional who specifically focuses on installing, maintaining and repairing water-based systems used in drainage, sewage, and potable water supply systems. As a professional plumber, you are charged with the responsibility of maintaining the flow of water in the system that you are responsible for maintaining. It is also your job to ensure that the plumbing in the home and office is working properly.

There are many types of plumbing involved in the plumbing industry that include sewer line replacement, toilet renovation, sink installation, counter tops installation, water damage restoration, toilet and shower installation, and water damage repair. Most plumbing projects are a mixture of some form of pluming and plumbing, though there are some smaller plumbing related projects such as the construction of a basement.

Plumbing consists of three main areas; the drain field, the sewer line and the septic tank. The sewer line and drain field are directly connected to a home's main water supply pipe and are the most often used areas of the plumbing system. Sewer lines are designed to handle heavy amounts of water and are usually more durable and leak proof than sewer lines.

The sewer line is the primary source of water that runs through most homes and is typically buried under the ground. When the sewer line becomes clogged or is damaged, the homeowner can often have to replace the entire sewer line.

The sewer line and drain field to connect to the septic tank located within a home or office. These tanks are designed to store sewage waste and remove it in the form of liquid or solid waste.

Sewer lines usually reach into the drain field at the end of the sewer line. Once this is reached, the drain field connects with a backflow prevention device that traps the clog before it can enter the drain field. Once the clog reaches the drain field, the homeowner must take action to remove it from the drain field or to have the drain field drained by a professional plumber.

The septic tank is another area of the plumbing system that connects the sewer line to the septic field. The septic tank is the largest storage area for the sewage waste in the house and is where most septic problems occur. The septic tank is designed to handle both industrial and domestic sewage waste.

If the septic system does not function properly, a septic system could develop in a homeowner's home or a business location. The septic system is designed to catch sewage waste so that entering the drain field and act as a natural filter for most types of sewage before it exits the drain field.

If you are a homeowner, there are many different types of plumbers that you can contact to help repair and maintain your plumbing system, but it is always best to hire a professional plumber that is licensed. and certified in the plumbing industry to ensure that your system is functioning correctly. A licensed and certified plumber is an important tool for your household plumbing system.

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